Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Let's add a feed...

A while back I added comments to this journal, now I have added a syndication feed. The feed is an ATOM feed, not RSS, and is supported by a growing number of feed readers. If you want more information on which readers support ATOM you can get it at

What does this mean to the readers?

This means that there are now multiple ways to find and read my journal. I'll list them below.

Yes, that is right. For those LiveJournal users out there who have enough "syndication points" you can now add a feed from this journal to your LiveJournal Friends page. Although you should keep in mind that while you can add comments through LiveJournal, there is no guarantee that I will see and read them. I read all the comments that are added to the journal at its original location, but comments added anywhere else there may be a feed may not be read. And of course there is still the address I setup specifically for people to email journal comments: journal(at)

So now that I have more ways for people to read, I suppose I should try to put up some content. And I should try to make it some content that people might find interesting enough to read.

What do you think? Anything you want to know?

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