Monday, February 04, 2008

Adding Injury To Insult

My weekend was uneventful. At first because of the pain, then because of the Vicoden.

I had a tooth get very painful very fast requiring an emergency call to my dentist. Once I had described everything to him, he said it sounded like the tooth had developed an abscess and suggested a treatment of antibiotics for a day to make the it easier on everyone when he treated the abscess.

He also said he would give me a painkiller to help get me through.

So, I went to the pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions and picked up a one week supply of Amoxicillin and a two day supply of Vicoden.

The Vicoden wiped out the pain, but it pretty much wiped me out as well. The rest of the weekend was spent feeling half asleep.


It was drilled and drained this morning, but due to how inflamed the nerve was, it could not be completely numbed. In fact the dentist had to give me an extra injection directly into the pulp and nerve of the tooth after it had been drilled.

Try to avoid this is you can. It is even more painful than it sounds.

But the Pulpectomy was completed and once the rest of the infection is treated I get to go back to complete the root canal.