Thursday, July 31, 2003


I don't normally remember my dreams. In fact, it has been so long that I don't know if I even dream anymore. I know I used to dream, but the last time I can remember dreaming was years ago. At least until the last two nights.

I don't remember much about the dream I had the night before last except that when I looked in the mirror I did not recognize the face that was looking back at me.

And then there was last night, and the nightmares...

I don't remember what happened in the nightmares last night, just that they were bad enough that by the time I was awake enough to realize what was going on I was standing beside my bed with the light on, I was sweating and my heart was pounding. It took a while before I could lay back down and go to sleep again.

I don't know whether it is a good thing I can't remember the nightmare or not. On the one hand, it might give me some clue about what has been bothering me for the past couple of weeks; but on the other hand, I have had some pretty vivid nightmares in my life and I don't need any more in my psyche right now. There are images I can remember from nightmares years ago that I can remember like they happened last night. And these were nightmares I had between 20 and 25 years ago.

I want to write more about what I have been going through the last couple weeks / month, but I don't know what most of it is. And what little I do understand I can't put into words yet. But I will keep trying.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Speaking of Canada...

It turns out that the government has setup a webcam on a rooftop across the street looking out over Parliament Hill.

When I added this entry the camera was showing them setup for tonight's Canada Day concert on the hill. I don't know what it will be showing in the image below while you are reading this since I am loading the image directly from the webcam.

Current Parliament Hill WebCam Image

Happy Canada Day!

This past weekend was the first weekend in quite a while with good weather. The sun was shining, the day was hot but not too humid so it wasn't stifling. And since I had been planning on going to the annual T.O.P.I.C. PowWow, in Canton, MA as I have every year for the past 5, I went on Saturday.

Did I mention that it was sunny?

I got a bit of a sunburn. My face, arms, and a 'V'-shaped patch on my chest. The burn on my face and chest isn't too bad, neither are my forearms. In fact most of the red has already faded out of these areas. However, my upper arms, right to the shoulders, are still red and sore. I am treating the burn with an Aloe Vera Gel from the pharmacy and it is working great. The main problem is sleeping. I sleep on my sides and therefore end up lying on the burn most of the night.

I guess I will have to start wearing sunscreen. The couple of times in my life I have worn sunscreen I have hated it. And since someone out there is wondering, I have only worn sunscreen 2-3 times in my life and yet this is the first time I have had a sunburn that lasted more than a few hours, a day at most. Any other time the redness faded and it became a tan in a very short period. I guess this is not the case any more.

I blame the thinning of the ozone layer and the medications I am on for diabetes. The pills make you more sun-sensitive, although as I said, this is the first burn I have had that lasted and I have been on these same pills for a couple of years now.

As I mentioned in the title of this entry, today is Canada Day, and yet this Canadian is stuck working. Of course is because I am currently in the Boston area and get July 4th off instead.

Happy Canada Day!