Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Calendar!

I'm getting ready to head back out to Binghamton to ring in the New Year with TWIL. We aren't sure what we will be doing {Going to the First Night festivities, a movie, or something else entirely} but I know it will be great as long I am with her.


Recently TWIL, The Sprout, and I were sitting around the living room, playing cards, having a great time. At one point I looked over at TWIL, saw her smiling and laughing... Let me say that TWIL is a beautiful woman, but the sight of her smile lighting up the room like that was enough to take my breath away. I forgot myself and what I was doing.


I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and the celebrations going on this weekend.

Anyone making any resolutions? Share them and maybe I'll share mine.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Merry Christmas (or Whatever) To All

I hope everyone has been having a good holiday season, whatever holidays you happen to celebrate. {Even if the only thing you celebrate is not having to go into work for a couple of days.} Mine have been very busy but also very good.

I have been very busy with work, but all I'm going to say about that is that I have spent a lot of time processing a file with over 600,000 records in it to generate a 32,568 page report. This includes logging in remotely to "finish up work" on it over the weekend. Now I've been told that the client sent us bad data and will be resending the file for it to be reprocessed.

I hope that we were notified before the report was printed.

Outside of work a lot of time has been spent travelling. Christmas was spent with TWIL and her family, including having Christmas Eve dinner with The Sprout, her father, his SO and their parents at his house. The Sprout was staying over there for the night, which made it a little easier for Santa to do his thing with out having to worry as much about people waking up.

When everyone showed up Christmas morning with more presents, well let's just say there wasn't much room left. Especially after wrapping paper started to fly. TWIL's mother has surprisingly good aim when she wants to.

All told, I think the best present I got this year was being there and spending Christmas with everyone.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Domain Hosting

For those who don't know, I run this journal through Blogger but have it published to my own domain hosting account. I was doing this because I had other things hosted and planning on doing a lot more with the space. However, the other day I was thinking about my hosting and what I am actually doing with it.

Currently I don't really have anything on here other than my journal and my linkblog. There are still other things that I am thinking of putting up here, but I'm not sure when, or if, they will show up. So should I still being paying for hosting or should I move my blogs to Blog*Spot instead? {I'd still use my domain name, just as a redirect instead of having it hosted.}

I'm interested in hearing your opinions on this. Feel free to share them in the comments.

Of course I have decided to continue with my hosting for the moment. This is partly because of the of the recent outages that have happened on Blog*Spot and partly because of the hosting package I currently get. I am paying less than $4 a month for 5GB of storage, 250GB of monthly bandwidth, along with lots of email, access to PHP and MySQL, and lots more. I have been wanting to learn more about PHP and MySQL so I figure it is worth it to have all of this setup and usable.

I'm still interested in your opinions since there may come a time when I decide to move hosts or just do away with it all together.

I am not going to switch my current blogs away from Blogger. But who knows what I'll do with any new ones, if there are any.


I'll be back soon with a real entry...
Until then,