Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Domain Hosting

For those who don't know, I run this journal through Blogger but have it published to my own domain hosting account. I was doing this because I had other things hosted and planning on doing a lot more with the space. However, the other day I was thinking about my hosting and what I am actually doing with it.

Currently I don't really have anything on here other than my journal and my linkblog. There are still other things that I am thinking of putting up here, but I'm not sure when, or if, they will show up. So should I still being paying for hosting or should I move my blogs to Blog*Spot instead? {I'd still use my domain name, just as a redirect instead of having it hosted.}

I'm interested in hearing your opinions on this. Feel free to share them in the comments.

Of course I have decided to continue with my hosting for the moment. This is partly because of the of the recent outages that have happened on Blog*Spot and partly because of the hosting package I currently get. I am paying less than $4 a month for 5GB of storage, 250GB of monthly bandwidth, along with lots of email, access to PHP and MySQL, and lots more. I have been wanting to learn more about PHP and MySQL so I figure it is worth it to have all of this setup and usable.

I'm still interested in your opinions since there may come a time when I decide to move hosts or just do away with it all together.

I am not going to switch my current blogs away from Blogger. But who knows what I'll do with any new ones, if there are any.


I'll be back soon with a real entry...
Until then,


  1. For $4 a month I'd say it's not worth the hassle of changing, especially if Blogspot has been having hiccups.

    Just my 2 cents' worth.

    Hey! He posted! He posted to his blog again! Been a while... ;) ... welcome back.

  2. I think 4$ are not worth the change....