Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Calendar!

I'm getting ready to head back out to Binghamton to ring in the New Year with TWIL. We aren't sure what we will be doing {Going to the First Night festivities, a movie, or something else entirely} but I know it will be great as long I am with her.


Recently TWIL, The Sprout, and I were sitting around the living room, playing cards, having a great time. At one point I looked over at TWIL, saw her smiling and laughing... Let me say that TWIL is a beautiful woman, but the sight of her smile lighting up the room like that was enough to take my breath away. I forgot myself and what I was doing.


I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and the celebrations going on this weekend.

Anyone making any resolutions? Share them and maybe I'll share mine.


  1. ...and a Happy New Year right back at ya!

    Resolution: find a new job, preferably before the end of January.

    How's that? ;)

  2. Sounds like a good one. I know that when I have thought about finding a new job there has usually been a good reason for it.

    Anyone else?

  3. Exactly... being laid off TWO.WEEKS.BEFORE.CHRISTMAS has something to do with it...

    I'll resurface somewhere soon, I think... nobody seems geared up for interviews this week though.

    All the best, as always,

    R, of the 'pus variety.

  4. Done and dusted. New job at a large local pediatric hospital that is right across the street from the old place.

    Hope 2006 is progressing nicely for ya!

  5. Monsieur le Wyldwoods, are you there? I haven't seen you in any of the usual places recently...

    ...everything ok?