Saturday, September 08, 2007


Quick follow-up on a couple of items.

Weight Loss: 25 pounds left to lose.

Reading: 2 more books to read for nothing but entertainment.

Tendinitis: Occasional discomfort, but much better.

Relationship: None.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Forced Out

{Since I'm not ready to write about anything else yet, let's talk about the forced move...}

Around the beginning of June we, my roommates and myself, received word that the landlord's family was looking at house in order to figure out what they were going to do with it.

The landlord had been a cabbage for a while and the family had been acting as his agents during this period. However, they were limited in what they could do by the landlord's wishes. My understanding was that he didn't get along with his family and didn't want them to have anything to do with his affairs. Eventually, though, they got full power-of-attorney.

I guess they decided to sell of the landlord's stuff to cover his medical bills, being in a coma and on life-support costs money. We found out in mid-June when a letter arrived from the family's lawyers telling us we had until the last day of July to "vacate the premises or face legal action."

I called one of my previous landlords and, after a little bit of phone tag, found out he had a couple of openings. I looked at the apartments and decided to take one of them.

That took about a week.

But the apartment I was taking wasn't ready yet. And I wouldn't be able to start moving things in until July 1st.

Sounds good, right? A full month to move.

It was still a tight schedule. The move had been such short notice that I had an incredible amount of stuff to sort through, deciding what to keep, what to donate, and what to trash. And I had to move the majority of it by myself, in my pick-up.

When I say "by myself" I mean just that. It is not the easiest thing to drag a queen sized futon pad up a flight-and-a-half of stairs without assistance.

I was also limited to doing this in the evenings after work and on the weekends. Although, I was short a weekend due to spending it in New York with TWIL. But let's be honest... That was a much better way to spend a weekend.

I had everything into the new apartment by the 20th of July. {Give or take a few days.} But I had/have limited furniture.

My box-spring did not make it down here since it was collapsing anyway. My {second-hand} sofa and {third-hand} leather chair didn't come down here either. The chair had been hidden under a pile of junk in the dining room, unused for a couple of years. When it was uncovered, we discovered that at least one of the cats had not treated the chair well. You would have thought it would have smelled horrid.

The sofa on the other hand was clean-ish, but reeked of cigarette smoke, cats, dust, and old take-out. {I know that doesn't sound clean, but it had been cleaned and everything came out but the smells.}

So I have a futon pad on the floor for sleeping, a lot of shelves, a dresser, and a couple of camp chairs. Oh, and a 6-foot folding table that is currently my computer desk.

I have since I have added a nice, but small, dining set. I have also looked at other pieces, but have not picked any of them up yet.

I still have several boxes which have not been opened since the move. As I haven't had the time or the energy {Mainly the energy, but more on that in a later post} to go through them yet.


So now I am about half way between Boston, MA and Providence, RI. If anyone is passing through one of these areas and would like to meet-up, you can email me {WyldWoods (at)} and we'll see about the timing.

You can also email if you aren't going to be in the area. Or comment here. I'll be happy to hear from {almost} anyone.

Walk in Beauty.