Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving.US

The week has been rushed and greatly compressed. Partly this is because of how tired a felt on Monday after driving back from TWIL's on Sunday night. Well, it wasn't all from the drive, it was also due to the stress I had been under last week. {I'll tell you about some of it later, I'm still rushed right now.} As I'm sure happens to some of you as well, when I'm under a lot of stress and it is removed, my system relaxes and I start to feel very tired and rundown for a while.

The weekend with TWIL and The Sprout was great and at the end of it I had three people telling me I should stay. I would have stayed if it was possible, but I only had enough of my meds {I'm diabetic, remember?} to last until Wednesday or Thursday. So I came back for three days.

Now I'm getting ready to go head back. I'll be leaving in the next few minutes and will be there through the weekend.

Sounds like a Happy Thanksgiving.US to me.

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  1. You know, I could have SWORN I'd commented here, but I bloody hadn't.

    Where ya gone to??