Monday, March 22, 2004

Taking a bite out of the updates.

When I made the last couple of entries, I made them with every intention of posting a more in-depth entry shortly after. And while I am not sure how much more "in-depth" this one will be I do want to get at least some of the information out there.

With that being said, let's get started.

First, let me say that am much happier with the administration panel and options available with my new web host. Most of the administration with my old host was done by them. You tell them what you wanted and they set it up for you, not bad at first, but when they stopped paying attention to my emails and IMs, this became useless. My new host has everything I need, at least so far, in a control panel (the way it should be) and I can set things up myself.

The switch between hosts was smooth, with only a couple of hiccups, mainly with journal comments. These have been straighten out now and things should all be working. So if you see a problem, let me know.

And to continue this bite...

I have been having trouble with my teeth. For a past couple of weeks it has been really bad and has had me in the dentist's chair three times so far. The first time was so that the dentist could find out what was wrong and make an appointment to correct it. The second time was for the work, and the third was to correct a problem with the work he did. The end result at this point is that two teeth were filled and one has a temporary crown on it until I go back next Monday for the permanent crown. Oh, and the problem that he corrected in the third visit was that one of fillings was too thick so it was hitting very hard on every bite and causing much irritation until the whole lower half of the right side of my face was screaming in pain.

I guess I should say that the crown is going on a live tooth, there was no root canal. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not. It is, but a couple of the teeth are still irritated from the filling problem. So I am taking the Advil my dentist recommended and it is going away. Slowly, but it is going away. As for the crown, well, the tooth was cracked and starting to split. There was not enough good structure to keep the top of the tooth going but the root was fine. And one of the other teeth had also cracked. But that tooth had cracked though the biting surface, and while the crack had gone deep, it had not affected the sides of the tooth. This one was filled and the filling should hold the tooth together and prevent the crack from spreading any more.

Well, that is more than you probably wanted to hear about my teeth.

More soon. About something other than my teeth.

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