Sunday, March 28, 2004

Not what I intended to write...

I had gotten up and left this morning and wrote an entry (on paper) while I was out. I had intended to type it in and post it when I got home, but that is not happening yet. Let me tell you why...

I got home at the same time as two of my roommates (a couple) who very not having a good day, and apparently I made things worse. I can hear you asking "How did you do that?" Well, I did that by not killing one of her cats.

To be specific about what happened, from my perspective, I said "Hi" to them as I got inside and then started up the stairs. We have four cats in the house so I always make sure the stairs are clear of cats before I go so that I don't step on them. This time was no different, I looked and the stairs were clear.

At least they were clear when I started. I only got a step or two and then my foot started coming down on something soft and furry. I managed to stop my foot and the cat, who had decided to run under my foot while I was moving, got out unscathed. I did not fare as well. I had stopped my foot, but not my forward momentum, and I was going down. I managed to catch myself, but it involved my right hand shooting out against the wall, and my left forearm coming down HARD on the banister.

I stayed like that for a couple of seconds, mainly out of shock.

The next thing I knew I heard her yell "Maybe I should just should move out!" and she went storming up the stairs. I am not sure, but I think she had tears in her eyes. Either way, it was not pretty.

Shortly after this I overheard part of their conversation. I didn't want to, but when it is held just outside my bedroom door, I couldn't help but hear it. I did manage to filter out most of it, but the part where she was talking about the dirty look I gave her, with him saying that it was a only a look of pain, made its way through. It was around this time that I put a jacket back on and went outside for a while.

It is now a couple of hours later and things have calmed down. However that is probably because I am in my room typing this, she is upstairs, and he has gone to work.

I did have a chance to talk to him for a few minutes before he left for work but I have not talked to her yet. He said that she was having a bad day and was stressed out because of (and I quote him here) "her job sucking and me being stupid." He also suggested giving her some space and not trying to talk to her yet. Which is fine with me at the moment because I don't know what I would say.

I hope someone is having a better day than me.

I'll most likely type in the other post a little later, but I wanted to get this written, and somewhat vented, so that it didn't fester.

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