Thursday, December 30, 2004

Rough Night

Last night was a rough night for a couple of different reasons. My sinuses were acting up making it hard for me to breathe properly... My bloodsugar level was about 80 points higher than it should have been... And, to top it off, at 4am I was awake with tears in my eyes.

When my bloodsugar is that far off it can throw my system off as well. That includes physically, mentally, and emotionally. Especially emotionally. So that was definitely part of what happened about 4am, but certainly not all of it. Something had to be the trigger. When your (my) emotions get heightened like that it only heightens what is already there, it generally doesn't cause new feelings, although it can bring out feelings that you were trying to hide from yourself.

I'm not saying that I was trying to hide anything from myself, but then again, if I was would I have even known?

Granted, I do know there are a couple of things which have been weighing on my mind. I didn't think they were weighing that much...

I don't know if they were the cause or if there was something else.

Once I figure out how much of it I can post here I'll do it. I'd post some of it now, but there are other people involved and I don't want to cause problems for them.

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