Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The 'lack of stories' story.

I know it has been a while since I posted. I am going to try to post more regularly, but don't hold me to that just yet. It is going to be a New Year's Resolution so I have a couple of weeks yet.

Anyway, there has been a lot going on at work lately, but not much else. A whole lot of nothing. It doesn't help that I was "hermitting" again. I did go see "Saw". I had heard good things about it, and it was an excuse to get out of the house.

All I will say about the movie for now is that I liked it. It is a very well done movie and doesn't try to give itself a typical "Hollywood" ending. When the movie ends there have been actual consequences for all the characters.

Anyway, this was just intended as a quick post to let people know that I am still alive, and still here. I still owe you a couple of stories. Ones I mentioned in comments on Scary Duck's blog. [Editor: A very good, and highly recommended blog.] and maybe a couple of other places. If you know of any I said I would post, or just any you would like to read, leave me comments below. I will post the stories eventually.

So I am still breathing, when my sinuses are clear enough. I am going to bed now, but I will be back soon.

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  1. As you may notice, I have switched comment systems again. This is because I could get more features I wanted (without having to pay) if I used Blogger's built in comments.

    This will be the last switch as long as I am on Blogger. {* crosses fingers *}