Monday, August 14, 2006

A Sore For Sight Eyes

Something very disturbing happened to me the other day.

On July 29th {30th?}, I was in the mall {which was disturbing enough as it was} and I saw a display of...

A display of Christmas Ornaments!

All I could think was "It's not even August yet!! The Back-to-School displays aren't even complete!"

Anyone else running into Christmas already?


  1. Christmas ornaments?? In JULY??

    I tell you what. Go back there, grab the biggest candy-cane you can find, and BASH THE OWNER OVER THE SKULL!!

    Honestly. It's sick is what that it is.

  2. Blah. Usually most stores wait until Hallowe'en's done, at least in these parts.

    Except those that don't do Hallowe'en displays (e.g. Bombay). September, yes, but JULY??? Good grief.