Friday, September 01, 2006

This is what I was missing?

A few months ago I mentioned that it had been years {Decades?} since I had really remembered my dreams. Oh, there had been the very occasional nightmare that left an impression, but that was about it.

Well, I have started to remember dreams lately. Or at the very least, remember that I had been dreaming.

Over the past month {Six weeks?} there have been two dreams that stood out in my mind, for no other reason than they were so vivid even after I woke up.

In the first I dreamed that I woke up one morning and was going through a fairly typical day when I caught sight of my reflection in a window or some other shiny surface. That was when I noticed that I had about four days growth of stubble, except where my moustache should have been. That area was perfectly clean shaven. Which would explain the odd looks I had been getting throughout the day.

That dream had been so vivid, and made such an impression, that I found myself checking a few times throughtout the day to make sure my moustache was still there.

The second dream also had to do with shaving, only this time it was about me shaving myself. I was shaving and realized that the razor I was using would have to be replaced shortly. Then as I was taking a stroke under my chin, the razor caught and gave me a deep cut right at the bottom of my chin. As I tried to remove the razor, it was stuck in the cut, it started tearing at my chin leaving it a bloody, mangled mess.

I have some thoughts on what the second dream might mean, but not much on the first.

All of this has left me with mixed feelings. I am happy that I am dreaming, and remembering those dreams, again. However, the particular dreams were mildly disturbing and left me with a bemused and confused feeling.


I hope everyone has a good Labour Day long weekend.

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  1. ...and we thank you.

    How about recurring dreams? I've had a couple over the year - that creeps me out a bit, like my subconscious is trying to tell me something reallly important, and I'm just not getting it.