Friday, March 31, 2006

It finally feels like Spring

What a great day it is out there, and here I am, sitting inside at a computer. Of course I don't have much of a choice since it is a work day. Although I did spend most of my lunch break outside. It is sunny and 23C out there. I wish it was going to last all weekend.

I know it has officially been Spring for over a week, but it has not felt like it. After Spring officially started it got colder.

I like this weather.

And I feel somewhat like I'm coming out of hibernation.


I have a lot to catch up on. It has been a long time since I posted here, and it has been almost as long since I read any other blogs.

I have a lot to read.

And a lot to say.

Too bad I'm at work and have limited time at the moment... And I'm going to be with TWIL for the weekend. No writing then either.



  1. I need to call you. Sometime when you're not out of town and I'm not stressing over work. :)

    In other news . . . Nina is going to Rites! She wasn't able to get the whole time, but she's got four days, which'll get her Fri-Mon. Her plane ticket is paid for. She's applied for financial help and she's faxing them to let them know that she won't be out Friday after all.

    I swear, if she doesn't get it, I'm going to take up a collection. Especially with the plane ticket paid for.

    Her reaction to the whole thing: "I think Gramma Spider is gonna whup my ass." Over not doing what she's supposed to do. Gee, that doesn't sound familiar at all. ;)

  2. Happy Spring. It was balmy and sunny here yesterday, and miserably cold and raining this morning. About par for the course.

    Good to hear from you (and see you in some of the other likely places).