Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What have I got to lose?

I have set a goal for myself. I need to lose weight (about 60 pounds) and I am going to lose it over the span of this year. This is a little over a pound a week averaged from January 1st to December 31st.

Calculating based on a constant rate throughout the year comes out to around 16-17 pounds at this point. Looking at the scale, I have actually lost about 10 pounds so far. A little behind, but not too bad. Especially since I about 5 of those pounds came in the last week and a half.

I know some people will say that I should be able to lose it quicker than that, but I want to make sure I can maintain the new level once the weight is off.

I'll keep you posted.


One reason for the problems I had losing weight at first was that I have changed medications. {At least it seemed to be related. Hard to say with certainty though.}

As mentioned in previous posts, I am diabetic. Type II. Earlier this year I changed from one of the oral medications I take to Byetta, an injected medication. This has been a very good change. However, I am still on another oral med and the dosage of it needs to be adjusted to work properly with the Byetta.

For the first few weeks of being on Byetta my blood sugar levels were all over the place as we made a lot of changes to the dose of the oral med. This did nasty things to my system, my mood, and me. Eventually, we set a dosage to use and stuck to it. It wasn't quite right, and we are still changing the dose, but we are doing it slowly this time. And I am giving each change about a week to adjust before making the next change.

One of the side-effects of Byetta is weight loss. However, this will be limited until all the meds are at the correct doses. Hopefully I will be reaching that dose soon.

Generally speaking though, I feel much better now than I have in a long time.


One other thing I am currently losing is a nasty looking mark on the back of my hand.

About a 10-12 days ago I had a bunch of red marks break out on the backs of my hands. Most were very small and minor, but one was about the right size and shape to be a cigarette burn. In fact, that's almost exactly what it looked like even though it wasn't a burn of any kind. It was a patch of eczema.

I am very happy it's finally clearing up.


  1. Eczema. Can be nasty. Various family members suffer from this (including both kids, transiently and in small focal regions).

    Good luck on the weight loss. I suffer from the opposite problem, for a variety of (medical and non-medical) reasons. If I ever run into serious health problems I could be in trouble, no fat reserves at all.

    Sorry, that was hardly helpful wasn't it? Apologies.

  2. I've had eczema on and off for most of my life. I tend to get the kind where I get small patches, mostly about the size of a dime. The problem comes when it gets extremely itchy but will get raw and bloody if you try to scratch it.

    And no need to apologize. I know a couple of people who are almost constantly complaining that they can't gain weight, no matter how hard they try...