Friday, February 17, 2006

Following up on the Stress post

I should have let you all know a while ago, but the stress I was referring to in my last entry has been lifted. That's not to say that all stress is gone, but that big one is gone.

As I have mentioned before, I am a Canadian living and working {Legally} in the United States. My work visa expired on Feb 3rd and I had to leave the country and attempt to get a new visa while re-entering the United States. This wasn't optional. It could not be done at any time or place except while I was physically entering the country.

This is always stressful because my life and future is in the hands of the US government. {You can fill in your own comments on the US government.} Of course this year the stress wasn't just mine. TWIL was also feeling stressed about it. But I have a new work visa and can continue to stay and work in the US. Which also means that I can continue get out and spend time with TWIL as often as I have been, which is not nearly as often as I'd like.


  1. Ricardipus left the following comment, which Blogger seems to have eaten:

    Blogger's f*cked again...



    Glad you got your immigration stuff sorted. That's just perfect.

    Don't know you (personally) but am your friend (I hope) in this ridiculous blogoverse... so verrrry happy things are ok for now.

    Woo. Yay. [etc.]

    Best wishes to Your Own Good Self(TM), TWIL and The Sprout(TM). All good, I hope.

    And I'd like to thank him for it.

    Ricardipus, Thank you for the kind words and I will pass on your best.

    I am glad things worked out for you and you got the new job. And I'd say we are friends, as much as two people who have never met can be. I know I'm always glad to see your name around.

    So when are you going to start your blog? Or did you start one and that's what screwed Blogger?

  2. If only I was responsible for crashing Blogger...

    I'd like to start a blog but would never, ever have time to update it. So there wouldn't be much point. Also, I have this much experience in html and related things: almost nil.

    I heard somewhere that there are far more Canadians working illegally in the US than Mexicans, which would probably surprise a lot of people if it's true.

    And I think we in Canada do the same thing re: work permits... you have to go to the US and then re-enter, as far as I know. But never having had to do this, I may be wrong.

    Cheers, thanks for the kind words.