Thursday, June 09, 2005

Short post now...

... the longer one will have to wait. Although it will not be tomorrow (or should I say tonight at this point) since I will be spending the night at the hospital.

It is time for the sleep study my doctor is sending me for. She wants to find out what they can about the sleep problems I have been having. And there is a chance I have Sleep Apnea. I guess we are going to find out. Although I will find out a bit before you guys do.

In the meantime you will have to wait a little bit longer to find out more about Rites. Or you could read some more about it on Journey's LiveJournal Page where she is talking about her experiences. She knows what I have hinted at, but don't expect her to talk about it. You'll have to come back here to get that info.


I have to start writing these things earlier in the evening s I have time to write more.

Until then,
Peace and Pleasant Dreams.

1 comment:

  1. Gah. Sleep studies are THE worst. I've had 3 in my lifetime and have another one next week. Bastards.

    I don't know how they expect people to sleep properly without cigarettes and coca cola, either.