Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Rites of Spring 2005 :: Part 1

Let me start by transcribing the entry I wrote on Tuesday (5/24) while I was at Rites. I wrote it in the Dining Hall around 9:50PM.

It's the second day and I feel like crap.

Yesterday we arrived to find out that the campsite is in the middle of a dispute with the town. Thus the town is clamping down on the camp, checking all permits, reinspecting all buildings, generally doing everything in their power to cause pain to the camp owners.

Since I don't know the history of the dispute, except that the camp has not done necessary repairs and upgrades for years, I am not going to take sides. Just observe that it is causing us no end of problems and headaches so far. The biggest one so far being that the cabins had not been inspected by the time we arrived. Although by late last night enough had passed that we could house the hundred that are here.

Of course we aren't sure about housing for the 400 more who should be arriving tomorrow.

But back to last night...

After we unloaded my truck into our cabin I had to move it [Editor: my truck, not the cabin] into long-term parking since it won't be moving again until we pack to leave on Monday.

While walking back from the lot I stopped to watch a deer. He was grazing and munching on twigs just off the road I was walking. When he moved I moved with him, following along on the road. By the end I was standing about 12-15 feet from him. All told, I watched and followed him for almost 20 minutes.

It was a beautiful thing and kicked me out of my depression for a while.

Today wasn't so good. I was on the verge of collapse all day. About two thirds of that was physical, the other third being emotional.

The emotional collapse was things triggering the depression at the same time I was dealing with seeing people who mean a lot to me that I only get to see here. And, of course, seeing one of my stalkers didn't help. [Editor: I'll cover this another time if there is interest.]

The physical issues were brought on by all the work helping to setup the camp, and by having my bloodsugar crash at least 3 times today. They were all fairly minor crashes and I was able to control it but it still takes a lot out of me.

It is getting harder and harder to hold a pen and write this in my notebook right now. (My carpal tunnel as it were) Therefore I am going to put the pen down and pay more attention to the Bardic Circle going on at the other end of the hall.

It doesn't hurt that the next up is my good friend Rev of Sol Dog [Editor: buy their CD at CD Baby (US) or Bärchen Records (Germany)]


More to come.

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