Friday, May 13, 2005

Does he think that looks good?

Why do people do things like that to their vehicles? And why do it in such a way that half the vehicle's usefulness is destroyed?

Case in point...

I was driving home and found myself behind a Hummer H2 that had been customized. "Blinged" as the kids say.

It had been painted metallic black and every accessory and accent piece on it was painted gold. The door handles, the hitch, the tow shackles, parts of the bumpers, the mirrors and the rims. Spinner rims at that.

And it wasn't just gold, it was some kind of matte gold. So the black shone while the gold accents just kind of sat there.

But it didn't stop there. They also put on low-profile street tires and had lowered the whole thing.

A lowered Hummer with street tires?

It was lowered to such an extent that it might have scraped going over speed bumps.

Did I mention that the whole thing looked like it had never had a speck of dust on it, let alone any really dirt or mud?

I couldn't help but wonder "Why do this to a Hummer H2?" They look like a brick on wheels to start. Now it looked like a lowered brick with a tacky paint job. They had taken the Hummer style away and turned it into a vehicle which didn't look like it could stand up to a gravel driveway. Forget taking it off-road.

I guess they just like the 8 miles per gallon gas mileage it gets.


  1. Arse. I guess the sad truth is that Hummers are status symbols, not utilitarian vehicles.

    Me, I'd buy a Ferrari if I wanted to show off. If I had a HumVee it would be a) stock, and b) perpetually covered in mud and full of lumber and similar building supplies.

    But that's just me, I s'pose.

  2. Almost as bad as doing up a 76' Nova. That's sick too, if you ask me.