Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cinco De Mayo

I hate loud bars. Or at least I hate one particular type of loud bar. I was reminded of this as I stopped to eat after work tonight.

What I have a problem with are bars where the din is deafening and all the noise is from people talking, or should I say yelling, back and forth. This is what I had to deal with tonight.

Everyone in the bar was yelling to be heard by the others at their tables. this meant that people at nearby tables felt they had to talk that much louder. And thus another vicious circle was born.

Even after half the bar had cleared out the volume barely dropped. It dropped just enough to be able to hear that the bar also had the volume up on the TVs for the commentary on the NBA playoffs. AND they were blaring good Cinco De Mayo music over the PA. [Editor: Music like "Word Up" and "Rock Me Amadeus"]

The guy threatening to strip in order to get a string of beads from a waitress was a bit much and a lovely topper to the evening.


And let me say in closing that Comcast sucks! However, if they screw up enough, and you get mad enough, and you complain to the right people loudly enough, you can get decent service out of them. I'll put the details in a later post if there is any interest.

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