Thursday, October 21, 2004

Do the Yankees really suck?

I need to preface this by saying that I am not a big baseball fan and I would much rather watch hockey or curling. However, I do live in Boston these days and have been unable to avoid baseball due to the Red Sox playing for, and now winning, the American League Championship. (Against the New York Yankees for anyone who didn't know, or care.)

Game 7 of the series (Best of 7) was last night and the Red Sox won. Now everyone around me is talking about it today. This is not really surprising since this is one of the bitterest rivalries in any sport. Well, the comments can be summed up in two lines:

About half the people have been saying: "The Red Sox won!"

And about 75% of the people (There is some overlap, I can do math.) have been saying: "Yankees Suck!!"

With a lot of people then continuing by going on about how the Yankees choked, couldn't beat a Little League team, or some even more degrading and disparaging remark.

Not to defend the Yankees, but I watched most of the game and the Yankees didn't play badly, the Red Sox just played that much better.

I guess my point here is that by tearing down the Yankees by going on about how bad they are and how badly they played these Red Sox fans are, in effect, taking credit away from the Red Sox for how well they played.

I have seen this type of behaviour quite a bit, including in several areas outside of sports, and think it is horrible. Constantly tearing down the other side will do nothing for your side. Except lead to the possible diminishment of your side, as I noted above, by taking away due credit.

I guess that is why I try to give credit where, and when, it is due.

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