Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Heading for Halifax

Well, I'm in Halifax. I got in late Sunday night, or was it really early Monday morning? And I have been enjoying my time here so far.

Except for the time spent dealing with the passport application paperwork. Tomorrow I go into the Passport Office to drop off the application and let them make copies of my birth certificate and any other paper work they need.

I originally wasn't sure if I was going to drive up on Saturday or Sunday, but Saturday morning took care of that decision for me. Having to make an emergency dental appointment, on a Saturday no less, will kind of eliminate any other plans you might have had. And there is not much you can do to avoid the dentist when one of your fillings has broken and half of it fell out.

But the drive up on Sunday went well. There was a long wait, about 90 minutes, at the border, and all but 2 minutes of that was in the line waiting to get up to one of the booths.

The rest of the trip went quite smooth and the entire trip took about 13 hours start to finish.

I've gotten to hang out with, and get caught up with a few of my friends. I've been to The Lower Deck. Turns out McGinty was playing and so I was very lucky to get to see and hear them.

Oh, and my friend who went to The Lower Deck with me tonight was recognized from his job working at the airport and so we ended up having a drink with a couple of Finnish flight attendants.

Well, I've got to get some sleep before dealing with the government tomorrow.

Walk in Beauty.


  1. Now I'll go to bed with that song in my head. There are worse fates.

    I'm glad you're home. Raise a glass for me. (Unless it's screech).


  2. I'll see if I can't get McGinty to play it for me tonight, and probably "Farewell to Nova Scotia" since I'm leaving in the morning.

    I'll raise an extra glass for you tonight , no Screech, during a "Sociable!" {Let me know if I have never told you about these.}

    Hope things are getting better for you. I haven't been keeping up on blogs while I'm here, I'll do that when I get back.

  3. That's probably the most innocent use of the phrase "Finnish flight attendants" on the entire internet.

    Just thought that needed acknowledgment.

  4. I'm sure there are other innocent uses of "Finnish Flight Attendant" out there ... somewhere ...


    "Swedish Flight Attendants" on the other hand.