Monday, October 29, 2007

Pink Socks and 70's Movies

I've been quiet for a while now, dealing with the changes in my life.

As I said in my last post, TWIL and I are no longer a couple. We have talked a few times since then and are still friends. The Sprout also told me that she wanted to stay in touch and we have talked a couple of times as well.

I am glad they are still in my life, even though it is not the way I thought, or hoped it would be. It might be easier to move on if there was no further contact, but I am much happier that we are still friends.

One of the hardest things has been the number of people who have said things like "I was just waiting for the wedding invitation."


What's been happening since then?

Well, I have been settling into my new apartment. I still have several boxes full of ... stuff to unpack. I have limited furniture that i have setup and mostly arranged. {I didn't realize how nice it is to have a couch to curl up on.}

I have had a couple of guests, something which I was not really comfortable doing in old place. One of my friends was the first to stop over and hang out for a while. And a couple of weeks ago, my mother came to visit and stayed for the weekend.

As well as having a couple of people visiting me here, I have gotten out to visit others as well. Two weeks ago I was at a get together a friend of mine was having. A gathering referred to as "Grill It You Bastard Friday." It was a good time with good people and good food. I was also introduced to the game "Apples To Apples."

Then, last weekend, I went to King Richard's Faire with a few friends, one of whom has a new web site promoting his music. Definitely worth a listen.

I also have a trip to Nova Scotia planned for the middle of November. I'll be in and around Halifax for a few days around the 11th to the 17th. Anyone else going to be there?


Lately, I have suffered from migraines. In fact, I am still suffering. The migraine is gone but it had me in such pain that I was clenching and grinding my teeth and gave myself a toothache. {Teethache? What do you call it when you have more than one at a time?} I'm dreading calling a dentist but I'm going to have to do it soon.

And a couple of times in the past few days I have found myself wearing pink socks. At least there were pink spots appearing on the white socks I was wearing. Broken blisters and dry, cracked skin on the balls of our feet will do that I guess.


Yesterday I was walking through the Apple Store in a local mall and had something strange happen. A woman who was being helped stopped what she was doing, stepped in front of me and said
I'm a casting director and we are making a movie set in the 70's.

You have a great look. Would you be interested?

That caught me a little off guard.


I am still here, and in several different types of pain. Thankfully, most of them are only physical.


  1. Sorry to hear about the migraines, feet and TWIL.

    Of course, I'm wondering:

    "Did he take a part in the movie?"

    P.S. "". Excellent name.

  2. Came over from R'pus' place. What he said, plus: did you like Apples to Apples? I hear it advertised all the time on my local radio station and have wanted to give it a go...

  3. Ricardipus: Thank you, I was sorry to hear about the problems you have been having. and very sorry to hear about your neighbour.

    #debi: Apples to Apples was a lot of fun. I'm thinking of picking up a copy of it for myself. Then I'd just need to get a group together to play it.

    As for the movie...

    I would have considered it if I wasn't still on a work visa which limits me to working in the computer industry.