Saturday, December 09, 2006

The "Votes" are in...

Ricardipus has expressed an interest in hearing my reasons for moving to Blog*Spot, and since he is the only one who commented {He is often the only one who comments...} he will get to hear...

But not today...

today I am with TWIL and The Sprout. I am taking a couple of minutes to make a quick post while TWIL is in the shower and The Sprout is doing her homework. But we are going to be spending the day doing things together so I don't have long.

I believe we are going to be putting up more Christmas decorations and making some cookies. i don't know what else is on the agenda for this afternoon, but I'll let you know.

I am also going to try work harder on posting at least once in any calendar week. Although I still don't know what those posts will be about.

So sometime between in the next week you will see at least a post about why I am moving to Blog*Spot. You will also see one about what I know {so far} I will, and will not, be writing about.

Feel free to post a comment with any suggestions on topics, any questions you would like answered, or just to let me know you are reading.

Time to make the cookies...


  1. Arrrrrrgh I've been trying to comment for days but Blogger seems to be unhappy about it.

    Anyway if six or seven comments of increasing irateness suddenly pop up, you'll know why.

    And I'll await the Blog*Spot post (and others) with bated breath...


  2. I only saw the one comment. And the Blog*Spot post has been posted.