Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

… actually, the morning of New Year's Eve …

I'm sitting here, thinking about how great the last couple of days have been, not to mention the last 19 months.

TWIL is upstairs getting ready for this afternoon, and tonight. {I only got ready a few minutes ago, we slept late. I'm not sure what we are going to be doing this afternoon, but tonight we are going to be going over to visit friends. Then we will be coming back and welcoming in the new year with The Sprout and TWIL's mother.

I hope you all have a good, safe, and joyous night.

Happy New Year!

I'll be back in a day or two with my resolutions, and a follow up on one I made last year.


  1. And Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

    Did I say that already? Ah well, I meant it then and I mean it now. Cheers.

  2. Happy New Year to you and Twil Brother.

    I tried to leave a comment on your last entry but it didn't go through obviously.

    I recently got back online and decided to finally do the blog thing. I'm still trying to figure it all out.

  3. Aha! The famous smulch makes an appearance...

  4. I had no idea I was famous?!?!