Friday, October 28, 2005

'Net connection has been restored.

In case anyone was wondering, I have been offline for the better part of a week while my cable Internet connection was down. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Comcast Sucks!

But in case anyone is interested, it is back up and running now and I have full 'net access from home again.

Of course, that doesn't mean that you are going to get much right now, as I have to get ready to leave for the weekend. Off to spend time with TWIL. Unfortunately, I am stuck at work right now waiting for someone else, which is how I have time to post from here, and will not be be able to leave for NY until the morning.

And as I write this, the 2-hour process, which was going to keep me here until 9PM, is officially 1 hour late getting started. and I am on a conference call listening to the others who are trying to get the process started. They are discovering more issues which are delaying things even longer.

This is SOOOO much fun.

Anyway... I need to go give some people a swift kick in the ... pants. Metaphorically. At least to start.

Don't expect much more than this out of me tonight. After I get out of here I still need to go home, pack a bag, call TWIL and get some sleep. I hope I can get all of that finished before midnight.

Who am I trying to kid... I hope I'll get out of here before midnight.


Update [12:50AM] : Well, I'm finally done for the night. Now to pack and get some sleep.


  1. Aaaaaaaaaargh. That really blows.

    I think I'm hard-done-by if I have to stay until 7:00 PM. But I'm lazy.

    Hope your voyage to chez TWIL was accomplished safely.

    Good to see a blog entry... I miss ya buddy.


  2. I'd still rather cable than dialup.

    Lucky bugger.

  3. Babs: I agree, but I'd rather be on dialup than not be on the Internet.

  4. Cable for me... the blankety-blank phone company doesn't.have.hispeed.dsl in our neighbourhood.