Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Another Year Older

What a week {2 weeks?} it has been. The end of last week was nuts and had me working ten to eleven hours days in order to finish a project I as working on.

I did get it finished and managed to leave a little early on Friday so I could head out and spend the weekend with my girlfriend. {Here after referred to as TWIL, at least for now.} You see, Saturday was my birthday and I really didn't want to spend it anywhere else.

I got out early enough that I managed to get there in time to spend some time with The Sprout {TWIL's daughter} before she went to bed. We hung out and made some balloon animals.

Of course shortly after The Sprout was in bed I got a call from work and spent over an hour on the phone troubleshooting and fixing problems. Luckily, that was it for the weekend. Once I was off that call we had the rest of the weekend alone together.

Well, there were the three of us until Saturday afternoon when The Sprout's father picked her up. The there was just the two of us.

We spent the weekend enjoying each other's company since we don't get to spend time together physically often enough. Much of the time was spent talking and holding each other. Including a very good neck rub TWIL gave me after the call from work Friday night {Thank you, Beautiful} and a walk in the park Sunday night.

And to celebrate my birthday on Saturday night, we went out to dinner at a very nice restaurant and went to the movies.

I'd write some more, but I have to go. It is time for our nightly call.



  1. Happy Birthday late!!

    Was everyone born last weekend??

    I'm starting to wonder, ya know.

  2. *snugs* I'm glad you made it out there for your birthday.

    So when's the wedding? *ducks* ;)

    --your sister

  3. Well Happy Birthday my (blog) friend.

    There is *nothing* better than a good neck rub. Just ask Mrs. Ricardipus. She'll tell you.

    Glad things are good and I *promise* to stop haranguing (sp?) you in everyone else's comments boxes about not blogging often enough. Really.*

    *In tbe manner of Scaryduck - "not completely true".


  4. Babs: A lot but not everyone, Richardipus was a couple of weeks earlier.

    Journey: We're having scheduling problems since you said we can't get married in May or June. But we'll let you know. ;)

    Ricardipus: I can think of a couple of things better than a good neck rub, but not by much.

  5. Wyldwoods: And July's no good either. ;) Actually, mostly, I just want to be sure I request the time off early. As long as it's not actually *during* the family reunion, I don't think my boss'll say no to my attending a wedding.

  6. P.S. On the subject of being called to fix problems... at our annual August cottage weekend, a good friend of mine who is in IT support (more or less) was forced to bring a pager, "just in case". What he didn't tell management was that a) there is no cell phone service, b) there is no land line phone, and c) the pager manifestly failed to find any signal at all.

    I think you should consider visiting my family's cottage sometime... peace, absolute peace.

    Except for the mosquitos and jet-skis, of course...

    Cheers, good to hear from you again as always, peace.


  7. Ricardipus: I'm got a place of my own in Nova Scotia which also has no cell or pager service. And along with no landline, there is also no electicity.

    Also no jet skis, but plenty of blackflies and mosquitos. Of course there are hunters during hunting season, not sure about that trade off.

    Not sure, but I think your cabin might be closer to New York state than my land.

  8. Well it's about 25 miles north of Kingston, Ontario, which puts it about 26 miles north of the border with New York. It has electricity and plumbing, and plenty of bugs as well. But no hunters, thank goodness... lots of deer as a result.