Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Still Standing

I was in Blue Hills for a while on Sunday and found that the standing stones I erected over 3 months ago are still there. Actually, I am not sure if they are still standing or if someone else has rebuilt them in the same location in the meantime.

Either way, it is cool to return to a quiet, peaceful place and find standing stones like that. Even if it is an area where you have erected those same stones in the past.

I also did some hiking and geocaching while I was there. Considering how rundown I have been for the past week or so it was good to get out. Bushwhacking and climbing over rocks was just a bonus.

At one point I happened upon a clearing, one whose center was the smooth surface of a buried boulder. On this spot there was a collection of stones which looked to me as if they had been standing at one point but had since fallen. So I stood them.

I will be posting these pictures, as well as a few others at Buzznet. Look for them there.

I mentioned that I have been very rundown for the past week or so. It has been a combination of my insomnia, a touch of some bug, and my bloodsugar being unstable. Of course getting sick and not sleeping will play havoc with anyone's bloodsugar.

This all lead up to me spending most of Saturday in bed fading in and out of restless sleep. Which did seem to help, but it sucked. At least I was feeling good enough after that to get out on Sunday, which I have already told you about above.

Well, that's going to be it for now. I am off to bed, and hopefully to sleep.

Pleasant Dreams.

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