Thursday, December 25, 2003

Greetings of the Season

Happy Holidays

Well, I got the time off and took a vacation so I am in Nova Scotia. I drove up yesterday and will be driving back down either the 2nd or the 3rd. Hopefully the drive back will be better than the drive up. I also hope that the "Threat Alert Level" will be lowered before I head back down. The level was at "Orange" when I came up, and after going through US Customs with the level at Orange before, I'd rather not have to do it again.

I said, or at least hinted, that the drive up hasn't very good, let me tell you why. Besides not being as rested as I would have liked, the weather was not the best. In fact the weather sucked.

The weather yesterday was grey. At least it was grey until the sun set then it was black. I say it was grey, it was overcast with occasional light rain. As I got further north what rain there was got heavier and when it wasn't raining there was fog. Lots of fog. Fog that cut visibility down to 20 meters in areas that still had snow on the ground. I think it was the rain and warm air (12C) on the snow that caused the fog to get so thick.

But I made it. I got in about 2AM and was completely exhausted from driving in those conditions. Usually when I make this trip, I am a little tired and feel like I was driving all day (which I would have been), this time I was completely wiped and felt like I had lost a day.

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