Tuesday, October 28, 2003

What to write about?

I know I haven't written in a while, about 2 and a half months at this point, but I have been dealing with various issues. And I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to write about in this journal.

At this point I can't say that I have entirely figured out what this journal is going to be, but I do have some ideas. I also have some ideas about what this is NOT going to be. In fact, I am more certain about what I am not going to put in here than I am about what I am going to put in here.

First, I this is a journal, not a "blog." The difference here being that most people see blogs as commenting on the news, and the world at large, with lots of links and commentary. While I might include the odd link and greater commentary, this is a personal journal. I am writing about me and my world. But since I am part of the greater world, others things might creep in.

Second, I am not going to talk about work. At least not as much as I can avoid it. There is a chance that people I work with, and more importantly, for, could find this journal and read it.

However, this journal is intended to be an outlet for me. As such, it is intended to cover my life in general along with my emotional state. So just about anything can and will creep in at various points.

That being said, I setup a comment system on this journal. Feel free to leave whatever comments you want, although I would prefer if they were on topic and constructive. I do reserve the right to remove any comments I find to be offensive. It will be at my sole discretion. Please be aware that the currently the comments are stripped of all HTML code. I am looking to modify the code so that it keeps any line breaks that were entered. Currently they are stripped as well.

I have also setup an email address strictly for this journal. Feel free to email me there for anything from comments to coding errors relating to the journal to questions you might want to me to address. The email address is As before, I reserve the right to deal with the emails I get at that address as I see fit. Or to discontinue the address if it starts to get spammed.

Anyone have any questions about this? Comment below, or email the address I listed above.


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