Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Day of Remembrance

Today is Remembrance Day. At least it is at home, and several other places I could name, but it isn't here. Here it is Veteran's Day. The big difference between the days being that around here nobody really seemed to notice, other than the school children who spent the day running around or playing video games.

In the past I have posted "In Flander's Fields" and "The Fields of Flanders" and I once posted some thoughts about people who serve.

Today I have been thinking about my family and friends who have served / are serving.

Lest We Forget...


But what about those times we can't stop remembering?

For a few weeks now I have not been able to get certain people out of my mind. Some are people who have passed out of my life for one reason or another, while a few of them have passed out of this world entirely.

I think I miss the ones that are still here more. I know that I will not be able to talk to the others again while I am still here.

There is more to say, but I can't say it yet. I'm just not ready.


Oh, and I know I've been tagged by Ricardipus but it is getting late and I desperately need to get some sleep. I'll get it posted within the week.


  1. Sadly, here in Quebec, it goes almost unnoticed as well. The schools don't even close.

    I decided that when the kids are a little older, I'm taking them to the services at the cenataph. (I know, I spelled that wrong). I don't care if I have to pull them out of school for the day to day them. They obviously aren't going to learn about Remembrance Day at the school - so I'll teach them.

    How are you doing, BTW?

  2. Damn, I've not looked at your blog in years... Was just going through some old posts (as you do) and saw some comments from you and thought I'd breeze by.

    Hope all's well. Sorry about your friend, but the canoe story is a great sendoff :)

  3. Ah look, there's mosher.

    WW - don't worry about the tag. Seems you have more weighty thinks to think at the moment.

  4. Hey, Ric. I do check your blog out as well. I just rarely have a chance to post comments as I'm busy skim-reading to much!

    As for Armistice Day (the French have it as a public holiday - good on them), my way to "remember" is to thank any ex-serviceman I see. I was in Arnhem last year and unsurprisingly, a lot of them gather there. They *always* seem to appreciate someone much younger than them shaking their hand and giving a sincere "thank you".

  5. JJ: Good to hear that your kids will know in spite of the local government's attitude.

    And I am doing better than I was. And getting better all the time. Slowly. Very Slowly. But getting there.

    Mosher: Welcome back. I just recently added your blog to my RSS reader again so maybe I'll be commenting there again myself. And to put that in perspective, in the last month I have removed 20+ blogs and added 3.

    R'pus: Who says I can't respond to the tag and still think those weighty thinks? Besides, I need to balance the weighty things with some lighter fare or risk being crushed.

  6. Removing blogs from a feed reader? What a concept. I should give that a go. No, really. Then I may actually have some time to do actual "work" in the office...

  7. Good to see you again, brother, at whatever remove.