Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time Keeps On Ticking, Ticking, Ticking

I don't know what to say, so let's just cover a few quick points before I go off to bed.


I was going through a period of "hermiting" and didn't really talk to anyone other than TWIL for quite a while. I'm pulling out of it and have talked to several {for me} people in the last two weeks.


I leave for Rites of Spring in less than a week and I have not really started my packing yet.

Packing for a week in a tent takes a while. Possibly longer than I have if you wanted to do it right and lighten the load. At this point I will probably end up packing some extra stuff just because I don't have enough time to properly go through and figure out what I really don't need.

And when you are talking a week in a tent ... in May ... in New England ... you can't count on the weather at all. Over the nine years I've been going {this will be number ten} I can remember days that got up to 30C, at least on that got to 34C, and nights that got down to 5C. There were years where we barely saw a single cloud, and other years where we barely saw the sun.

A rule of thumb seems to be "if you don't bring it you will definitely need it." This applies to sunscreen as much as thermal underwear.


I am tired from travelling. {Which is really not helping get my packing done.}

I was in Austin, TX for work all last week. I had a good time, but didn't get back to the hotel any night before 11:30. Factor in the hour time difference on top of the jet lag and it wasn't enough sleep. Especially since my sinuses went nuts as soon as I got there and haven't quite recovered yet.

I flew back Friday, getting back to the house a little after midnight.

Of course, I then got up Saturday morning and drove out to spend time with TWIL.

After being there for a little under 24 hours I drove back. And I was back in the office here Monday morning.

When do I get to stop moving?


I wanted to write but couldn't get anything to come from my fingers that I was comfortable willing to post here. So I started another journal.

Let me point you to it...

That's it on that shelf right over there.

I have renamed this as my Public Journal. The new one is paper, is for me only, and is my Private Journal.

This gives me a much needed outlet for the thoughts I need to get out, but am not ready to share. I'm hopeful that this will mean more posts here. After all, as the private thoughts are dealt with in the other journal, I shouldn't have as much blocking the other thoughts.


I'm not sure what the will leave to be posted here. It might be stories from my past. Maybe just what I did any given week. Maybe just random links that I want to share.

Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments. I'll feel free to read and ignore them.

I guess that wasn't as quick as I thought it would be.

Walk in Beauty.


  1. Good to see you, brother. *hugs*

  2. Good to see you back.

    I too am tired from traveling... will post about it sometime or other.

    And I, too, have things that I won't blog about, but which would definitely benefit from being written down somewhere. A good idea.

    I guess we *all* have some of those things, don't we?


    P.S. With luck, Blogger won't eat this comment like it did my first attempt...