Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Big Step

A while back I started getting seeing someone, and we have been dating for a while now. It is a long distance relationship, for now, but that is not a bad thing. It has ensured that we spend time talking, which we have been doing a lot.

When our schedules allow, I make the 5-6 hour drive out to New York state and we spend as much time as we can together, although this is usually just the weekend. We do have been doing this once or twice a month since May. When we can't be together we talk. Either on the phone or through instant messenger.

We have talked every day since May. Sometimes for 15 minutes, more often for anywhere from one and a quarter to three hours, but it has been every night.

Yes, it is serious. And last night we took a big step in our relationship.

I met her daughter.

Because her daughter is 9 we were being careful and my girlfriend didn't want to bring me into her daughter's life too early in the relationship. A reasonable way to handle things and one which I understood and agreed with. And then yesterday they came to Boston for their vacation, a trip which had been in planning before we started dated, and I met them for dinner after I got off work.

We had a good dinner with good desserts. {What else would you expect from "The Cheesecake Factory"?} And we had a good time hanging out and walking around a bit after dinner. Later on, when it was time for the daughter to go to bed, we went back to their hotel, the daughter went to bed and my girlfriend and I sat up and talked for a while longer.

It was a very good night.

And tomorrow I am taking the day off work to spend it with the two of them.

It may be time for me to come up with an alias to use for my girlfriend when I refer to her on here.


  1. So . . . is the girl as cool as she sounded? :)

  2. Well that's excellent news.

    How about something related to "woods" or "trees", like "Willow" or something?

    eh, I got nothing. Sorry. But glad of the news, you kind of hinted at it earlier, round about Rites of Spring. So happy for you, definitely.


  3. Ricardipus: Thanks for the suggestions and I will probably use the idea, but not the name "Willow." I already know at least six different people who go by the name Willow, and half of them are gay men.

  4. Um, and it strikes me that one of them is a very small (presumably straight) man in the movie of the same name...