Monday, February 28, 2005

A dilemma, and a problem at home

Since I started this journal I have wondered how much I should write, how much I should share. Up to this point it has not been much of an issue, but now I have run head-first into a dilemma. Something happened recently and I am not sure how much of it to share. Should I write about it here? How safe a place have I built here?

I am going to keep it to myself for a bit longer while I try to work this out. But I have a feeling I will need to share it with someone, sometime soon, or things could get worse.

But now for something completely different... We have a bit of a situation at home.

I guess I should briefly mention, for those of you who don't already know, I live in a house with 3 other people. We are not related, but we are all friends and are renting a house together to share expenses, and in one case to get out of his mother's house. Besides the 4 people, we also have 5 cats in the house.

Or we should have 5 cats in the house. For the last few days we have had 4. That's the situation.

All of the cats are indoor cats, and have always been indoor cats. Well, we have a second floor deck which the cats are sometimes allowed to wander on because they can't get off of it to get away from the house. But other than when they are in carriers they are never away from the house.

Now one of them got out and has disappeared. His name is Fire so we can't really go walking around the neighbourhood calling his name hoping to find him, but we did put up fliers and let our neighbours know what was going on.

So far we have heard about a couple of possible sightings over the weekend and we found fresh tracks (which could be his) in the snow around the house. Mellisa has been sitting in the living room watching the windows a lot recently, when she is not out looking around the neighbourhood. She has raised Fire from a kitten and is feeling worse the more days that pass.


  1. If it were LJ, I know you could restrict the journal entry. But I don't know if blogger does that. Or if it's useful, when some of your friends are on LJ.

    I guess I'll have to call you sometime. If I can quit working 10-hour days.

    Re: Fire, I hope it works out. He's a sweet, if slightly stupid, cat.

  2. Blogger doesn't do restricted entries, it is either posted or not. But that is OK, I don't want to start managing lists of who can see what entries.

    Although I could start a second blog and put it somewhere password protected... (Not really thinking about do it, but it is a possibility.)