Friday, July 16, 2004

Alive and Well (-ish) - Revisited

To follow up my last message, as noted before, I am fine.

After I got home that night I had a shot of rum, Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay if you want to know, and a bite to eat and tried to settle down before writing the entry. I stopped shaking while writing it, sorry I didn't mention that at the time.

After posting it, I had another shot or two of rum and watched some Adult Swim on Cartoon Network since I couldn't get to sleep for some reason.


I am planning to do some work on this site this weekend. This will include design, coding, and posting. I have some ideas in mind for the design and coding, however if I do them right you may not notice a difference at all. At least not yet, but it will make things easier for me. As for the posts, I have a few things I and thinking about, I just need to pull the thoughts together in a coherent form. As soon as I do I will put them up here.

Walk in Beauty.

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