Sunday, May 23, 2004

Rites of Spring

I don't have much to say right now. Or more precisely, I am not going to say much right now.

It is late, and I am tired. I am just about finished packing, which is a good thing because I leave in the morning. I will have to throw my bags in my truck, along with some extra blankets and pillows, then head out to Rites of Spring. I am looking forward to it.

Obviously I will not be posting while I am there since I will not have access to a computer, but I should have plenty to post when I get back. I may even write a couple posts on paper while I am there which will get transcribed into this journal on my return. Maybe even backdated so they appear in the online journal dated as when they were written on paper.

Anyway, I should go o bed now.

I will see some of you at Rites, but whether you are going or not, I wish you all the best for your week.

Walk in Beauty

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