Sunday, February 29, 2004

Happy Leap Year!

Yesterday was a good day. Today, not so much. Not that there was something wrong with today, just that today I didn't really do anything other than laundry.

Today's entry is mainly for me. There is so much a want to write about, but I am too tired and need to sleep. Therefore, I am posting this short entry telling all of you that I have a lot to write about. I want to talk about the day I had on Saturday, and about a couple of dreams I had recently. There are other things as well, but those are the main ones.

I figure that if I post this short message now it will encourage me to post the "real" entries sooner. If I don't I will probably have at least one person asking me why I didn't. So as I write this on Feb 29th, I say that the posts will be here soon. And by stating that publicly, I am holding myself to it.

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